.dotfilesMy personal dotfilesToby Vincent 79 min.
RazorPagesPizzaToby Vincent 12 months
aoc_2022Advent of Code 2022 solutionsToby Vincent 8 months
aoc_2023Advent of Code 2023 solutionsToby Vincent 8 weeks
archmdBook format documentation for my Arch Linux setupToby Vincent 12 months
archlinuxToby Vincent 8 weeks
archliveToby Vincent 6 months
cargo-credential-passToby Vincent 8 weeks
catrToby Vincent 20 months
dactyl-keyboardToby Vincent 8 weeks
dnsToby Vincent 12 months
drone_dbToby Vincent 7 months
esp32-cam-rtosToby Vincent 6 months
esp32camToby Vincent 6 months
i3blocks-mprisi3blocks for mpris media playersToby Vincent 84 min.
inbox.nvimToby Vincent 8 weeks
iotioToby Vincent 8 weeks
keep-to-markdownToby Vincent 9 months
mpv-mprisMPRIS plugin for mpvToby Vincent 6 weeks
networkd-dnsA bridge to export systemd-networkd DHCP leases to an unbound DNS serverToby Vincent 8 weeks
projectrA contextual, MRU sorted, project finder.Toby Vincent 12 months
redbotToby Vincent 16 months
resumeMy personal resumeToby Vincent 2 months
rustic_adventureToby Vincent 12 months
sshrToby Vincent 3 months
sway-watchToby Vincent 4 months
take-fiveToby Vincent 8 months
tobyvin.devMy personal websiteToby Vincent 6 weeks
twitch-liveA simple tool to get live followed twitch channelsToby Vincent 3 months
xdg-remoteToby Vincent 8 weeks
ziglingsLearn the ‚ö°Zig programming language by fixing tiny broken programs.Toby Vincent 2 weeks
zoneLightweight container management systemToby Vincent 12 months