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developfeat: implement project listing and taxonomiesToby Vincent13 months
mainfix: add hosted license fileToby Vincent6 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysfix: add hosted license fileHEADmainToby Vincent
6 daysfix: fix like to old code pageToby Vincent
2024-05-18feat: add as code repositoryToby Vincent
2023-11-20fix: add generic favicon linkToby Vincent
2023-11-20feat: add custom 404 page and clean up macrosToby Vincent
2023-11-20fix: fix feed url to serve atom.xmlToby Vincent
2023-08-21feat: add link to Mastodon profileToby Vincent
2023-08-19fix: typo in footerToby Vincent
2023-08-17fix: add seperator before links in about pageToby Vincent
2023-08-17fix: fix bug in syntax style generationToby Vincent